Expected Arrival: 2nd January 2016
Arrived: 14th January 2016
Weighed: 7lb 12oz
Time: 10.24am

when I found out I was pregnant, it was a big shock as I hadn't planned to have another baby just yet - sure, I wouldn't change him for the world though! having my baby boy has healed so much for me, and he'll forever be extremely special for so many personal reasons.  he's named Reggie-James after two people. one - Reginald (Reggie) Kray. two - James Barton. (long term friend of my partners who sadly passed away.) he's such a happy laid back little chappy. he loves cuddles, music and bright lights. he's just like his big sister was when she was a baby. they look the same, and are both extremely dinky babies in clothes and weight!


Wednesday 13th January:
as I woke that morning, It was bitterly cold, I was tired yet extremely excited. I was going to be meeting my baby boy, finally! I kissed my little girl goodbye, briefly chatted to my mum then we got into our taxi and headed for the hospital. As we arrived (at 7.30AM may I add!!) we was shown into a room where 4 other beds were, I was in the exact same room as when I went into be induced with Lacey-Niia. I was seen first, my obs were checked, baby heartbeat monitored for a good 30 minutes then, then they gave me pessary. Afterwards I was told to go for a long walk around the hospital. and then come back to have my obs checked again, we did that. And was told to repeat the same thing, go for a walk then return. When I returned it was around 4.30pm and was extremely tired as I only had acouple hours sleep the night before. So me and Pete rested our eyes (basically fell asleep) until we was woken up to be told we was being moved round to a private room. I was told to get onto the bed, have baby's heartbeat monitored, and then I'd be put into a drip. That day because my waters still hadn't broken they tried to break them twice but didn't succeed to my dismay. I met so many midwifes and Drs  that night, we had one guy who came in and told us straight that once again as it was with our daughter, that our son's heart rate traces were dropping on each contraction I had. So therefore he suggested he place an epidural rod into my back before I went for surgery incase I went into full labour. so I had to wait a good ole' 12 hours with no food, or drink. just plain water. ugh! the struggle without a cuppa tea was extremely hard!

during the 12 hours, we had midwifes in and out all night.. one came in, eating Dorito's and dip IN MY FACE. I was so shocked, and disgusted!! eventually the same guy came back in and told me he wasn't happy to wait any longer and that they were taking me down for an emergency c-section. myself and Pete got ready to go down to theatre. I was extremely nervous this time round, purely cause I knew what to expect, and what pain was to come. they told me that if I could feel anything at all, they'd have to give me a general anesthetic, which for me wasn't what I wanted. I wanted to meet my baby boy there and then and not wait. so, after a good 15minutes of them spraying water on me and me having to say if I could feel it or not. I lied and said I couldn't feel a thing from my ribs down.. if I'm 100% honest. it was majorly painful. way more than the first time round, I felt them cutting open my previous scar, the tugging, pulling, and then I felt the 'wooosh' of when they took my  boy out. during all that pain and fear they told me they was going to give me something in my canula that will make me sick. I was confused, why give me something to make me sick?! - and yep, I was sick all over myself and nearly on Pete. ha ha! then they told me they was going to then give me something to stop that sickness.

I was only pain-free once I was given oral morphine. I cannot begin to explain the pain I went through during all this, even afterwards uptil now I'm in pain. it feels like my insides are going to fall out my stomach. the day after having the surgery and having my boy, I left hospital. even though you usually have to stay in a couple days. I don't sit down, or 'rest', or even take things easy. cause no offence, I have two kids and a home that hasn't got time to wait until I'm fully able to do it all. so I try as much as possible with the help from Pete.

so, here's the first picture I took of my son Reggie-James he was born on January 14th 2016. that day, my heart expanded from loving my daughter, to loving both my children the same.

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