Expected Arrival: 24th June 2012
Arrived: 07 July 2012
Weighed: 6lb 3oz
Time : 12.44am

my cheeky princess is my world. before having her, I didn't know or even understand what unconditional love was. I can't actually remember life before her; it's an honour to say she's mine. she's in pre-school and they're impressed with how advanced she is for her age. I love nothing more than snuggling up with my girl with a movie, munch and a cuppa. quality time is something I'll never want to lose with her. she's named Lacey-Niia after two people. one - Lacey (Stacey from Eastenders) Turner. two - Niia (a singer song writer).


So it all began 3 weeks before my first given due date June 25th. My midwife came out and did her usual checks, went over my birth plan, and discussed any worries I had. Then my midwife wanted to see if baby was engaged which for me, was totally fine as I was frustrated, hot and tired so it was a relief to find out if she was nearly ready to arrive. 

My midwife told us that she was engaged and it could be anytime now. So, of course myself and my partner did the whole list of things to induce labour. Eat fresh pineapple, hot spicy food, walk tons, sex, we did it all but nothing worked. Then my midwife came out on the 20th to see how things were progressing, she had another look and to my dismay she told me that my daughter had now moved herself back around. Frustrated was not the word. She said that they would keep calling up to see how things were going and that they will book me in to be induced if nothing came of it.. Well, I had all the signs but turnt out they were just Braxton hicks. 2 weeks after my due date on the 6th of July I was walking into the hospital ward with my partner knowing that I wasn't leaving without my baby. Strange!!

When they had started to put me on a drip, things went wrong from there.. It was over 12hrs later when my partner had finally had enough to ask the doctor what was happening. To be honest, the guy was useless. My partner simply asked wether things were okay and if the baby was distressed. He said no and that he'd come back soon.. Midwifes were in the room with me all the time too, at this point I was getting contractions they were all pretty amazed at how I handled them, smiling and trying my best to keep my dignity well what was left of it anyway..

Once the doctor came back he tried for the THIRD time to put me on the drip.. Which once again couldn't of done any good as my partner asked again if keep trying could harm our baby. The useless doctor replied 'I don't know' my partner got extremely angry he called our midwife, explained the situation and she came over within 20minutes. Pete asked if they could take me down for a c-section as he could see it wasn't doing me any good keep trying, and it wasn't doing our daughter any good either. 

They agreed and within 30minutes I was being taken into a room with tons of people in scrubs, they gave me an epidural and then bam! I was so scared as I couldn't feel anything from my tummy down.. It was insanely freaky! 

Pete stroked my head and told me he loved me and was proud of me and of course tried to make jokes to lighten the mood. After a short while, I felt a tug.. And then we was showed our daughter. Our beautiful baby girl Lacey-Niia. Weighing 6lb 3oz born on the 7th of July 2012. We was only showed her bum, then she was taken straight away to be cleaned then we panicked cause she wasn't crying. She had breathing problems caused by the first doctor constantly trying with the drip. Our angry for him was unreal. Seriously, if I had seen him. I'd of gone on a rampage.

We didn't see our daughter from then on for about 6 hours. And for them six hours, it didn't feel asthough I had just had a baby, every time we asked to see her, they said no or said they'd bring her up ASAP. But it didn't happen. Around 7am shifts changed and a really nice lady came in with hot drinks  and we asked her to take us to her. She was amazing as she took us straight down and we met her. It was starting to feel real. That my flesh and blood, the little baby that was inside of me for 9months & 2weeks was here. we wasn't allowed to hold her due to her problems but then was reassured that she was fine and that they will bring her up within an hour. Pete had to leave to go home and collect his 2 kids. So, I went back to my bed and waited.. Within 20minutes the lady walked back in with a guy holding my baby. He placed her on me and said could I change her. I did, and then he proceeded to do all the heel pricks, and asked all the relevant questions then left. I cannot explain just how much I cried, it was so overwhelming and the most precious time in my life. Pete walked in with the kids and he graced me with balloons, cards, chocolates etc. He was like me, emotional. He held her like she was the most precious thing in he world. And so did Dylan and Chyna. Our little family, now whole.

To this day, I cannot explain in full detail of what my birth was like or even how much love I felt cause no words could ever come close. All I know is, men may come and go, but your children. Well, they never leave you. especially in your heart. 

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