Sunday, 22 April 2018

LOVE; it's something us as people are born to do. we love our family, our partner, our children, friends the list goes on. but love seems to of lost it's meaning along the way. I've never been one to just love on a whim. but the new generation, ( and I say 'new' because, I know I'm only 25 but I'm currently referring to teens to young adults. (13-20) ) the words used in my eyes, too much. you love that new boo after a week? a month? it's controversial but love in my eyes takes time. why would you allow yourself to love someone after so little time? what if you give your all - to get nothing back? I suppose we all have our own beliefs and ways to deal with love. but to me, it's more than just a feeling. it's an emotion, a lifestyle choice, a decision that could possibly make or break everything you are.

Since when did love become limited to a specific sexual orientation? if your heterosexual, gay, bi, pansexual whatever you are, your you and your entitled to love, and be loved too. people are so quick to judge someone else on theres, but in all reality, it's noone elses business. I mean you can't even sign up to a clothing website anymore without having to state your sexual orientation. which, not only violates our privacy, it goes against our human rights. so, your going to judge someone if they want to buy a pair of womans jeans, but they stated they was a male? it's incredible how we're expected to reveal all in a world where theres secrets lying about everywhere.

Social media is a massive shambles for love, I myself have been a sucker for it. I would post my love lifes problems, highs and lows. it's inevitable everyones done it. we learn from it, I mean - the start of a new relationship, you wanna tell everyone about it. you want to show your happy, but personally - I wouldn't do it again, it opens you up for bullshit drama and rumors. theres always going to be atleast one person bitterly jealous out to piss on your parade. trust me, it doesn't get better as time goes on. my advice would be to keep your love life private, don't try to please and entertain a rumor - if something does come about, then go directly to the person and ask them. don't post a billion things indirectly to someone, it's a waste of your time. let your love be without everyones input.

music is the best way to address your love. immensely pissed at someone? find a song to fit your mood. fallen for someone? go claim your wedding song boo! broken up? you bet theres a billion songs out there just waiting for you to stumble across it. thats what I love about music, whatever your emotion and state of mind - theres something out there written to perfectly describe it. and in any type of love crisis good and bad - theres a whole playlist already waiting for you to hit play. one of my fav 'love songs' is Love Myself by Hailee Steinfield she literally just raves about loving herself (obviously it states that in the title), and how she's putting herself first. and yes, there is some pretty damn dirty meanings to some of the lyrics, but hey - she doesn't care about telling everyone. so why should you? ha!

do you ever feel like you've made a HUGE love mistake? loved the wrong person? right person wrong time? right time wrong person? cheated? been cheated on? theres SO many love mistakes people make, and I'm no Love Guru to advise, but what I do know is that if theres secrets, attitude towards certain questions. then what does that tell you? go figure. majority of the time we know the answers but out of fear, we don't question it. why? love is a big deal, your giving up the decision to do you. that you now have to think about someone elses emotions too, shit gets real after that.

my point is. whoever you choose to love, don't let it define you. cause loves an emotion that will leave an inprint on you forever. and never allow someone else to damn it for you.

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