Thursday, 13 July 2017

Lacey-Niia has to forever celebrate her birthday in style, has to always have a long birthday week/end. never could she have just one day - oh hell no. HA HA. my daughters one of these girls who loves to be excited for whats coming, to be surprised by everything and even if she asks for something and knows she will get it, she will still scream and thank you a million times over. we woke up in the morning, I got her dressed and ready for school as she had sports day - then I took her into the lounge where she saw and opened all her presents from me. she spent a good 2 hours or more opening them and saying "OMG THANK YOU MUMMY" "I ALWAYS WANTED THIS" &
"YAYYYY THATS WHAT MY FRIEND (such and such) HAS TOO!" note: I was beaming as her constant smile. once she was finished she skipped to school, where we took in 2 cakes in (she has 2 classes in her year and she wanted everyone to have some.) then I went and watched her in her first Sports Day, and may I just add - she is the smallest, most petite little girl there. she did extremely well, and impressed me with her skills. after school, I picked her up we had afew errands to run before we picked up some food and came home where all her cousins and Auntie was waiting for her - and yes, they was armed with presents, cards and money. we then had her main birthday cake, after quite alot of puffin and blowing she finally knew out her candles and the cake was successfully demolished by everyone. she also had 2 MASSIVE trays of cupcakes, 26 cupcakes infact - all finely decorated differently, jelly beans, oreos, silver edible balls, all colours of icing, edible shopkins motifs, brownies, smarties, jam, gold stars, you name it - then cupcakes were covered in it! after everyone had left, we had a girly night - movies, munch and opening up her toys.

on the Saturday, we packed up the kids and car and went to the Seaside. we had an amazing time - we ate crazy sized ice-creams with flakes, sauce and sprinkles, hot donuts with fresh cream, dinner by the water, and went into countless arcades. I actually think she went on pretty much every machine they had that she could play, even her baby brother got involved banging, pushing, pressing, smashing the machines. it was a pretty glorious feeling seeing them both carefree and having fun. once we left and headed home - we continued to play with her new toys. and then had another little movie night, followed by SLEEP. on Sunday, she had her Uncle come over with his missus and gave her more stuff. after stuffing our faces with a big ole' roast and puddings, and those cupcakes! we just chilled and I read her all of the Birthday messages she had on social media. after spending a good hour or more showing her, her previous birthdays photos she drifted off quite nicely.

as this was the first Birthday with me being a single parent to both my babies, I think I did myself and my babies incredibly proud. everything she received she loved, every card will be kept, and I'll forever feel guilty for eating the amount of rubbish foods over that weekend HA!

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