Saturday, 1 July 2017

Dearest Princess Niia. seeing as your reaching your 5th Birthday in afew days time, I wanted to take the time to put 'pen to paper' (but it's actually finger to type HA) to document this past year, to be able to read to you on our snuggled up evenings when you want to see photos and videos of yourself, or when you ask me to look on my 'website'. Oh baby girl, where do I begin? this past year has seen alot of changes for you. you left pre-school, started big girl school, moved across the other side of the country, gave up your dummy, bottle and night pull-ups and you've even had your first operation! I can't express just how proud of you I truly am. you look at life in such a positive way and over this past year - you (along with your baby brother) have been the reason I've stayed so happy. your first operation, although may of only been 'tiny' to some people, this for us was a major deal.
I'm incredibly proud of your outlook and your ability to understand everything that the Drs and Nurses told you. your confidence oozed and people will never forget your name in that hospital. I love how, this year more so - you have became so aware of your full name and the fact that people either miss pronounce it, so you correct them. or how they just call you Lacey - and again, you correct them. your humour is one of a kind. and your acting and dancing skills are off the scales in amazing! the way you've taken to food recently has been so rewarding for me as your mummy, as before you'd turn down Pizza, Vegetables, Meats etc.. but you've tried so many this year! from Beef, Pizza, all kinds of veggies, to even gravy! something you absolutely refused! you may still turn your nose up to all these things sometimes, but with alittle game or two and a little encouraging you go for it. how amazing is that?! you've made so many new friends at school, and are seemingly very popular - as whenever we're out and about theres always someone who shouts "HELLO LACEY!" - you've become one of those little girls who not only want to be a princess - but you wanna be a tomboy too. so cool handstands, pretty nails and then you'll throw yourself off whatever just to see how you can stance when you land? haha oh baby, the amount of bruises and little bumps and cuts you run to me with are crazy. please p l e a s e cool down the dare-devil side of you?

each night when you climb into bed and you wrap your little arms around my neck to cuddle me, you will never know just how happy it makes me. to hear you tell me that you love me and goodnight sets me up for a perfect nights sleep. you boss around everyone, including your baby brother - but he looks upto you and he wants to copy every single little thing you do. whatever you have, he must have too! and whatever you do - he must do too! your so good with him, even if sometimes you get annoyed and shout to get him out the bedroom because he's trying to play Barbies with you! (HAHA) you remind me so much of your daddy, the things that should not be funny, to you in your mind are hilarious and if everyone else doesn't laugh - then eh why the hell not? you ALWAYS have to have the last say, especially if it's bedtime and we've said our goodnights you always have to give a last word, but I'm sure that's because you see it as your being the 'winner' as always!

I love you so incredibly much, your my first born, my bestfriend, my love, my heart, my world, my life. you changed everything for me. you was the happy surprise that I didn't think I'd have when I did. although you made mummy and daddy wait 2 weeks over your due date to make your grand arrival, it was so worth that wait. I remember you being brought into me, and my reaction was "how can she be mine?" and was just in awe of you. from that day on, you've been my everything. I know you believe being 5 makes you a whole lot older and a teenager - but your not. your still my baby, still that little 6lb 3oz bundle of babysmells that I first held back in 2012. I hope your enjoy your birthday Friday. I've spent weeks and weeks listening to you swapping and changing your wishlist so I hope your happy with everything you've got. expect lots of cake, presents, balloons, surprises and excitement baby. you deserve it all.

I love you so much. forever and always.
from your emotional cause your getting that LITTLE bit older mummy.

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