Thursday, 6 July 2017

as I've F I N A L L Y finished running around like a headless chicken from this past week, fetching balloons, banners, choosing and buying 4 different cakes, wrapping last minute buys, organizing the weekend outings, decorating of which I just literally just finished doing, I can actually have a cuppa before heading bed for the big day in the morning. I can't believe that in the morning, well in afew hours I'll have a 5 year old daughter. these past 5 years have been crazy. it's gone so fast, and soon enough my boy will be 2! can time please slow down? but anyway, my girls in for some surprises tomorrow, and the weekend. hoping the weather works with me on this one. if not, plan B and C are coming out in full force. NOTHING will stop me from making this an incredibly unforgettable weekend for my girl. so let the celebrations begin!


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