Saturday, 22 July 2017

1. I was born on 27th of November 1992, making me 24.
2. I was born in Doncaster, moved to Southampton at 5. 
3. I'm 1 of 5 children. 
4. I have lived in 3 of my own homes.
5. I first moved out when I was 18. 
6. I have two beautiful babies. Lacey-Niia 5, Reggie-James 18months.
7. I have two tattoos. both are of my babies names.
8. I love coffee. never used to though. 
9. I was once a full time carer for my mum.
10. I went to college at 14, & studied ChildCare and worked in a Nursery/PreSchool.
11. I don't have friends my age, all older.
12. I don't get on well with females - it's the bitchiness I can't stand.
13. I have no piercings.
14. I would of had 4 children, but for complicated & long - reasons I have 2. 
15. leading to my first pregnancy & baby - Morning Star. 
16. Harry Potter & Twilight both are equally my top movies to watch.
17. Pretty Little Liars, GirlBoss & Hawaii 5-0 are my favourite tv programs.
18. I always leave the bottoms of my drinks. don't know why, but it tastes weird.
19. I'm left handed.
20. I love the rain, thunder & the cold. 
21. Winter is my favourite season.
22. I suffer from anxiety. 
23. My longest relationship lasted 7 years, alot longer than most people my age. 
24. I love decorating for birthdays and christmas.
25. I started blogging 8 years ago. way back when Tumblr was the 'thing'.
26. I have a girl crush on Demi Lovato.
27. and my man crush is Danny Dyer. 
28. my hair is naturally curly, which I hate. 
29. one of my favourite relaxing things is listening to the rain in bed.
30. I absolutely hate spiders, 8 legs? thats just wrong. 
31. I have always wanted 7 babies.
32. but now I feel like I can have anymore, as I always wanted my kids to have the same daddy. 
33. I'm single, have been for 10months with no intentions of that changing anytime soon. 
34. movie nights are my thing. 
35. I love having evenings out, like cinema & dinner. but I haven't done that for way over a year. 
36. although now, I much prefer evenings in, i.e 34. 
37. I could eat pasta for every meal if it wasn't so bad for you. 
38. I have a thing for bleach, I use it on pretty much everything. 
39. I'm honest, which people confuse that with nastiness. but brutal honesty is key to the foundations in any type of relationship (partner, friends, family).
40. my all time go to quick snack/breakfast is Shreddies with Strawberries & Raspberries.
41. Lily O'brien chocolates are my FAVOURITES. 
42. I'm a sentimental kind of person, I like to keep things that others may think is sad to. but oh well. it's all memories for me! 
43. I hate feet & despise toe nails. 🤢
44. I was the Spice Girls biggest fan when I was younger. 
45. I had my cheek bitten by my nans dog when I was younger, flappy cheek - gross! 🤢
46. I don't like football, but I love men in the kits. 
47. to be honest, I think men in any type of suit, uniform etc is nice. 
48. I don't like cheaters, liars or homewreckers. 
49. music is my happy & sad place. 
50. snuggles with my babies is the cure for everything & anything. 
51. I love clothes shopping - for my babies not myself. 
52. I love apple juice & apple tango. 
53. my pregnancy craving with my daughter was Subway BLT & McDonalds Cheeseburgers.
54. & with my son was Apple drinks & Strawberry milkshake.
55. I hate wearing makeup. whats the point? will only wear it if I'm going to town shopping, or for a day out. 
56. I hate money. it causes so much drama, it's not worth it. aslong as my babies got all they need - bugger the rest. 
57. I didn't go to high school. 
58. my favourite colour is Turquoise. 
59. I have panic attacks over things I can't control, that haven't happened, or over what people do. 
60. being a single mum feels much more rewarding and special. 
61. I can't draw. not even a stickman. fail.  
62. I gives me the jitters when people have a middle parting. 
63. I like to read - but I never get the time. 
64. I love stars, my boy has so many stars things & clothing. 
65. I love LOVE but not any kind of love, that unconditional love that you have for your babies. it's undescribable & extremely strong. 
66. I cannot listen to Toni Braxtons 'Unbreak My Heart' without shedding a tear.
67. I believe in the paranormal & love anything related to that.
68. I hope that I'll one day own my own house, with that dream dog & built in bbq (that I can't use & wouldn't use). 
69. I am extremely passionate about writing.
70. if I believe your wrong, I will tell you. I don't care if it hurts your feelings. I will not lie. 
71. I broke my wrist when I was younger, playing dodgeball. clearly didn't dodge well enough as it caught my hand 😂
72. I love laughter. 
73. James Arthur - Say You Won't Let Go. & Ed Sheeran - New Man songs are my favourite songs atm. 
74. I love the Sanctuary Spa brand. 
75. I can recite the whole of the first Harry Potter movie off by heart. 
76. I won't eat bacon unless it's crispy. 
77. I used to be addicted to the Sims when I was younger. 
78. Barney, Bear in the big blue house & Blues Clues were my childhood favourites.
79. I used to collect Sabrina the Teenage Witch magazines, and wished so badly I was one. 
80. I want to be covered in tattoos, but too scared I'll regret it and hate it when I'm older.
81. I can't swim - don't judge. water freaks me out. (obviously not the shower or bath). 82. I love a good cuppa tea before bed, just makes me all warm and fuzzy. & when I'm stressed, 1 sugar in it please.
83. when I was younger and massive - I could eat a whole 24pk of crisps im one sitting. 
84. I've never had a one night stand & never would. 
85. my mum once cut my hair (withot me knowing) and majorly f'd it up! 
86. Moana is my current favourite Disney movie. 
87. & Toy Story is my classic favourite. 
88. I met my bestfriend online when I was about 9, she's still my bestfriend now. 
89. I can't drive. yet. 
90. I had my babies through emergency cesareans. 
91. I want to work with children again, this time older kids. 
92. I have never been on a plane, and don't think I want to. 
93. I've dyed my hair 6 different colours before. (not at the same time!).
94. I'm socially awkward and introvert person when I don't know someone, then when I do - you'll probably wish I would shit up!
95. I'm not a flower type of girl, makes me think someones guilty of something.
96. my dream car would be a white Range Rover. 
97. I own more pjs and slouchy clothes than I do actual clothes.
98. I'm allergic to highly perfumed body products & deodrants.
99. I love cooking and baking. 
100. it has taken me days to think of 100 things. I'm impressed with myself. 

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