Thursday, 15 June 2017

let's face it, we've all at one point or another not liked apart of our bodies. wether that be because of someone body shaming you, or if you've sadly body shamed yourself. looking in the mirror isn't always a pleasant thing. even the most confident of selfie takers will stand infront of a full length mirror and not like something they see. I've always been one to like a selfie. well, only if I'm the one holding the camera. I don't always like what I see as my reflection but it's what I'm working with, it's helped me carry two beautiful babies, endure two major operations and not given up on me, so why shouldn't I love and not give up on my body? I was once and still am a body shamed woman, not even by myself anymore. it's other people, see calling me 'fat', 'disgusting', 'embarrassing', 'chubby', 'obese' etc doesn't fase me at all. as I know I am not obese or embarrasing or any of those other horrible words. I'm me. and I'm cool with that. do I diet? no, have I? yes. before children, before boyfriends, before all that at the age of around 9/10/11 I was a shocking size 22! yup, I was THAT kid that would be laughed at, made fun of and bullied. but you know what, it wasn't from boys it was from bitchy girls who hadn't grown their own set of boobs and couldn't function without putting another down to make themselves look and feel better. I had lost my nan, then grandad and just didn't care anymore - so I ate what I wanted, it got bad and I had enough so I got my parents to buy gym equipment and I started eating what would fit into a small bowl. ate a Bagel and a Banana for most of my meals and the rest of the time drank a ton of water. I got down to a size 12 and it wasn't all that. only up side was I could go into any shop and buy anything without panic of not being able to find a bigger size. then I met someone, after afew struggles I got pregnant and had my first baby. from then I never really did lose my 'baby weight'. but it's never bothered me, just others. 

theres so many young girls who deal with weight issues. from being too small to too big, someone somewhere will find a fault to dig you out on. I used to take it personally, but I then learnt for someone to call you horrendous names - they must feel pretty insecure about themselves or jealous of your confidence to not care. ok I will never wear a dress, not because of my size - but because dresses aren't me. I don't let my size justify me or limit me to anything. the same goes for men too. I know alot of people don't think it, but men feel the pressures of buff, six-packed up men who his missus or friend lusts over in the street, or on the tv. 

celebrities have the same issues too. Demi Lovato, Tyra Banks, Sam Smith, Rihanna and so many more. it's crazy because, social media trys to show us what we should look like, to not only fit in, but to be accepted but the oppersit sex and our peers but social media also shows the affects these obsurd expectations actually have - and sadly, statistics state that a shocking 90% of teens are unhappy with their body. that could be your child, my child, your friends child and so on.. I don't want that. do you? alittle kindness goes a long way, as does respect. no one is made the same way, as cheesey and over used as it is - that is what makes us all different. 

I would never restrict myself from eating a slice of cake because a magazine told me that if's completely unacceptable. and I wouldn't not eat a McDonalds because of the calorie contents. but I do eat salad, I have it with mostly all of my meals always have done. but I will never sit and eat a plain old basic salad. do you see the Kardashians sitting with a lettuce leaf and actually enjoying it? - no. what I'm trying to say is, you don't have to try crazy amounts of diets to have the body you so desperately feel you 'need'. the body you have someone else would love to have, it's like when people say - ''oh you should be greatful you have children, theres others who would love to be but can't''. it's exactly the same as that. everyone has a flaw. some learn to hide it more than others. and some just don't care. 

I've become the latter of the two. I've found myself recently being body shamed online. by people that don't know me, but have heard some major lies about me. it's fine, and I don't ever want 'aww it's unfair on you' - because it's petty and I'm a grown ass woman who can deal with more than immature teens who can't handle their own fate with karma. 

I think we all need to have alittle more understanding to vulnerablities. body image and body shaming aren't acceptable. we're more than just a size of our clothing, or the number on the scales. I'm going to link afew sites below to help if you are suffering from any kind of body image issues or even if you wanna learn more. trust me, knowledge is the key - ignorance isn't bliss.

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