Wednesday, 10 May 2017

now my boy's reaching 16months old, I thought it'd be a good time to share a little update!
my Roo Bear is a funny little character, he's also quite rebellious too! even at such a young toddler stage. he knows what he wants, and will anything to get it. his tantrums are adorable, stomping and pacing backwards and forwards. stopping to see if he's being watched then carrying on, I'm not gonna lie; he's really spoilt. he's my only boy and I had waited so long for a boy that when I finally had him I wanted him to be like my daughter, never want for anything. (I don't mean in sense of possessions, I mean in love, attention, memories etc) I know what you're thinking  "oh she's making a rod for her own back for when he's older"- maybe so, but my daughters been given the same treatment and has never once been ungrateful or demanded anything major.

Favourites and Loves
Food - he loves Veggies, Egg Mayo, Curry & any kind of fruit. but to be honest there isn't a food he doesn't like. he will eat everything. he eats like a King everyday. I mean what toddler do you know that has a 3 course breakfast every morning?
Drink/Bottles - he's been on Cows milk since he turned One, and doesn't have baby bottles anymore. he has bottles but not the baby type. he LOVES apple juice. but maybe that's because I had a major addiction to the stuff when I was pregnant with him. I also give him alot of water and weak juice.
TV - he doesn't sit still long enough to watch tv, but he does love Bing and In The Night Garden. he's much more of a music fanatic, he loves a good dance! he also loves to have "go Reggie Roo" repeatedly sung to him whilst he dances. haha!
Toys - he has so many toys to be able to find a favourite! he loves his pull along toys, his bike, ride-on & anything of his sisters, he loves her big Barbie house! oh; and the flute. yep he learnt how to use it and now doesn't stop!
Comforts - he loves to be cuddled, if I say to him "Roo cuddle?" he'll come up to me, wrap his tiny arms round my neck and lay his head on my shoulder. very cute! he also loves his fluffy blanket. he will always reach for it when he's tired. that and someone's fingers to settle him to sleep (circle motions on his palm).

Speech - he's very forward. if he wants food. he will take your hand and take you to the fridge and say "foood" or sweets, yes he can say sweets but only because he can occasionally have a lollipop! same with a drink, he will tell you he wants a drink by saying "uice" - VERY ADORABLE. he says no, yeah, uice, food, sweets, ish (fish), dog amongst other things. it's incredible cute that he also now calls for his sister, he says "Acey" but aleast it's close enough, right?!
Walking - he's been walking since before he turned One. he didn't really crawl, he just wanted to get up and go as he must of been watching his big sister do fun things he couldn't. then after walking for afew weeks, he began to run. now theres no chance in stopping him. he dives off beds, trys climbing up cupboards, storage units. it's scary for me as a mummy. but he has no fear!
Other - he waves bye, will kiss you if you ask for one - but he will only kiss his big sister without her asking! he likes to feed people their food, or his. he loves to go in the shower, I have to shower him twice a day, not only cause he's a messy boy - but because he unloops his vest pulls his top up trousers down and trys taking his nappy off and stands there screeching until the waters on.

he's a beautiful little boy, who I am so incredibly in love with. he's so affectionate and loves people whole heartedly already. especially his big sister! I'm extremely proud of him, he's only little still but I'm going to start potty training him soon. as he sees others going to the toilet and trys to get himself up on the toilet. so I'm taking that as a he's ready sign. I'm sure I'll post about that at somepoint.

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