Thursday, 11 May 2017

I still find it incredibly hard to say that I have a 4 year old. yes she's nearly 5, but she's FOUR for now. my girl's incredibly enthusiastic, dramatic and hyper. she loves to chat peoples heads off, and will tell you if your chat is boring or incorrect. she's the shortest and the most petite in her year at school. it's funny because, I never thought my babies would be so tiny considering I'm not! she is accident prone, it's like it's apart of her - she got that from her dad. I'm way too cautious about things, but she can be told not to run about incase she falls and hurts herself, what does she do? yup, doesn't listen and lands straight on her bum or her knees. I get told by my parents that she's my karma. they say I was a little madam as a child; but I don't know what child they're on about, as me? I'm an angel. ha ha. I love my girl, she was the baby to show me what unconditional love is. forever my baby.

Favourites and Loves
Food - Lacey-Niia has been an extremely fusser easer since she was about 2, since then she won't really try anything so she tends to stick to the meals she likes, which is Chips/Waffles, Beans and Chicken. so not healthy but in talking with doctors they have said it's her 'safety food' things she's recognized herself that doesn't cause her pain after eating. she has recently been diagnosed with Celiac Disease. so her diet has completely changed. she will now eat things like Pizza, Mash, Veggies, she will try anything I give her. and it's nice as it's all Gluten Free she doesn't experience the pain after eating it! she also loves Chocolate and Ice-Cream. but what 4 year old doesn't?
Drinks - she's fond of an occasional hot chocolate, but mostly drinks Water or Apple juice.
TV - Topsy & Tim. as much as it pains me to say, she no longer wants to watch anything else on Cbeebies, as she says she "isn't a baby". YES she's on that fase right now. she won't watch any other tv programs than that, but does like watching the soaps with me and movies. Finding Dory and Charlie Brown are her favourites.
Toys - her toddler dolls. she loves them, imaginative play at it's finest. also her mega Barbie mansion she got for Christmas she plays with everyday. and Shopkins! gosh those expensive little blinders. she had none when we moved as she left them behind, now she has loads as I spent a bomb on buying them each week to get her collection back up. she loves her bike too, the amount of times she asks for bike rides - wow. girl got confidence on it though, I must admit.
Comforts - her Green blanket. she's had it since she was a baby and hasn't let go of it since. she loves to cuddle, and be told she's loved. she's very affectionate and finds comfort in being shown she's loved.

she's currently in Year R at school. she started last September and will go up to Year 1 this September. it doesn't seem that long ago she was a baby like her little brother though to be honest. she enjoys school, has a lot of friends, and is quite popular in her year. each time we're out she has little ones shouting her name saying 'Hi Lacey!' it's very cute to see. she's doing well at school, can spell alot of words and can read the Stage 1 books she's given for her Reading Tasks. she loves her Teacher, but I think she's going to be a little sad when she has to change Year and Teachers soon! she's conquered a lot in the past few months, and I'm extremely proud of her. she never fails to amaze me. just the other day, she got up on her step and started washing the dishes telling me "I'm helping you mummy". Lacey-Niia loves to help cook and bake. she likes being in the kitchen, making peoples food. think she likes taking pride in the presentation and being able to put a smile on someone's face when she gives it to them. she really is a joy to raise. I'm in awe of her.

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