Saturday, 16 July 2016

The Big Day!

so, it's Official. I'm a mummy to a four year old. I can't believe she's four already, it only seems like I had her not long ago! The night before, was a big ball of stress. I had not only to get her off to bed and to sleep, I had to sort my son out. then afterwards, it was game on. I love going all out - balloons, banners etc. so it takes time. this year I did it all alone, I sat and hand made a beautiful pink banner, spelling out 'Happy Birthday Lacey-Niia', then I hung up so many banners, inside and outside the house. blew up around 30-40 balloons. laid out her presents, cards and prepared her breakfast goodies for the morning. I was also hoovering and bleaching at 11PM. haha, it had to be done. she woke with big beautiful smiles. telling us how she was 4 and that means she's now a 'big girl'.. forever my baby!

she spent a good hour or more opening her presents, before insisting on opening her favourites. so, as she played - I brought her in pancakes and fruit. she ate it all up then was given her cards.  she was so excited and happy with each and every gift, card and birthday wishes! we chilled, and then went off out to Costa. we had to treat her to a Birthday Costa Hot Chocolate & Cake, even if we do go pretty much everyday anyway, it's routine. she was given more money, and was allowed to buy whatever she wanted after Costa. she chose some munch too, and asked for a movie night and 'takeout' (n'awwhh) - so that's what she got! she chose Goosebumps! it was rather good, which I was impressed about. she sat and watched the whole thing, ate her food, and munch. and was knackered by 10PM. her day was full of love, laughter and smiles. which is what I like! Birthdays in our house means, it's your birthday for a good few days. I mean, one day just isn't enough! 

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