Friday, 1 July 2016

Preparing for my toddlers 4th Birthday - Party edition!

birthday's are stressful enough, buying the correct presents that your child has delightfully told you that they've wanted for the past few months, organising a fun activity to do, decorating the house with balloons and banners and making sure your child has a wonderful day. but if your brave enough to, you'll host a childrens party. yup! thats what we did, decided on a childrens party, we've got a bouncy castle, entertainer and cake booked. we have an extremely excited near on 4 year old - lots of kids invited and lots to do! it's on a Saturday, 2 days after her actual birthday but as her birthdays on a Thursday we thought best do a party on the Saturday due to parents arranging to get their children brought over etc. it's going to be at our house, so god help me with cleaning up afterwards! we found a fantastic cake maker, not too far from us who kindly helped us design the perfect cake for our princess. we'll be collecting the cake a day before the party, but we'll have a cake too for her actual birthday. we'll probably take her out for the day not to sure where yet as she has a settling in session at her new Reception school that day too, so we'll have to work round that but whatever we do - we'll make it perfect!

1. the Menu.
when it comes to children's parties, they don't want mini volovants or sit-down meals so why complicate things? here's what we'll be offering the little munchkins. 
Pizza fingers, Sandwiches, Chicken bites, Wedgies, Sausage Rolls, Cheese & Pineapple sticks (pure classic!), Carrot, Cucumber & Celery sticks, dips, Spring rolls, Cocktail sausages etc and whatever else we find to put out too. we've gone for low-key catering. at her party last year we went all out and barely any was eaten. so we've gone minimal but for children - it's what they seem to like! 

2. Entertainment.
we've got a combo bouncy castle n' slide and magician. we spent so long contemplating hiring Elsa & Anna mascots instead, but it worked out that they wouldn't of spent much time there, so we looked into clowns and magicians - and Robbie the wizard popped up! he's got great reviews, so naturally we booked him in straight away!

3. Games.
we've settled for a couple games of pass the parcel. nothing major, as they'll be mostly on the bouncy castle and the magician will be there for an hour aswel as time for having food and then doing the cake. we didn't want to fill up the whole time scheduling things to do! 

4. Party favours.
we've settled on snowflake gift boxes as it's little more organised (without effort) than party bags, we're adding all sorts of things mixed for boys and girls. balls, princess wands, bouncy balls, mix of sweets, bubbles, snap card games, candy whistles, chocolate bars and of course, cake!

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