Saturday, 28 May 2016

Snoopy & Charlie Brown - The Peanuts Movie

When Lacey-Niia got home from school I showed her the DVD and she was extremely excited, even letting out a loud "YES!" with a fist pump. haha! In my house, we take Movie Nights extremely serious. armed with the movie, insane amounts of snacks and a takeout - we snuggled up under our duvets and pillows in a make-shift cinema in the lounge. all four of us - myself, my partner, my toddler and my step-son watched the movie. it was one of them movies that whatever day you had, wether it be bad or good. this would be sure to cheer you up! my daughter loved Sally - Charlie Browns little sister. I think maybe she likes her because somehow she can relate.. maybe it could be that she loves to annoy and wind up her elder siblings. or that she's as mischievous as the character - who knows.
it's Directed by Steve Martino. who's known for directing movies such as Dr. Seusś Horton Hears a Who! and Ice Age: Continental Drift. we all as a family found it quite funny. my daughter doesn't tend to sit still long enough through a movie without getting bored, we can just about manage to get her to sit and watch Bing Bunny for 15 minutes without fidgeting - let alone a full-length movie. but, thankfully she sat through this so for us - thats a winner! Charlie Brown and Snoopy have been around for a long time and is one of those classic old school comics you'll never forget reading or hearing about. but back to the movie..

the plot is about a boy called Charlie Brown who becomes smitten with the little red head girl who's just moved into the neighbourhood. his luck isn't so great, with countless mishaps and failures along the way - he trys to impress the girl, with the help of his trusty pal Snoopy. who also embarks (get it? barks. he's a dog? no. ok. woof!) on his own adventure. it all ends alright in th end though, the day of summer break she chooses Charlie Brown to be her pen pal for the summer - and after he races to her house before she leaves for summer school, he asks her one simple question. why did she choose him to be her pen pal? she proceeds to tell him that she admires his selflessness, determination and praises him as an honest, caring, and compassionate person.. nawwh. how lovely?!

my little girl enjoyed each and every bit of this movie and to be honest so did we as a family. it's a must see, and we'll definitely be watching it again on another one of our movie nights. have you seen this movie yet? if so, tell me your favourite parts, aswel as what other movies you and your family like to watch on movie nights.

Snoopy & Charlie Brown - The Peanuts Movie release date in the UK is the 30th of May. make sure you grab a copy!

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