Monday, 2 May 2016

Circus Wonderland

back in March (18th to be exact) we took Lacey-Niia to the Circus for the first time. she doesn't like people dressed up, or mascots if you wish to call them that. she freaks out and point blank refuses to go anywhere near them. so we kind of dreaded going - she had been on about wanting to go for weeks after seeing the posters dotted around everywhere in our local village, we took the plunge and went.

on arrival, only two cars were in the parking area. TWO - we thought. "are we here too early?" or "is this that shit no-one wants to come?" we purchased our tickets from the booth. we only had to pay for our daughter as we had guest tickets which meant we got in free. we noticed that the girl at the ticket booth was actually Grace Olivia one of the acts from the show! We qued up. after about 5/10 minutes cars started coming in and we soon realised it was going to get packed! then some guys dressed up came out of the tent, greeted us and showed us the way into the tent. originally we thought these were just hired helpers from the local area. there was a Candyfloss stand, snacks van and people walking around selling flashing light toys, spinning plates, and Popcorn. 

After we was shown to our seating area, we brought Lacey-Niia a flashing star saber, Popcorn and Candyfloss - oh and chocolate. cannot forget the chocolate! of course we brought drinks too. once the show had started, we was extremely impressed by the atmosphere and pure professionalism of the acts. the 'hired help' was actually stars of the show! Kakehole and Popol was Lacey-Niia favourites. she was in hysterics when they made a joke about the town we live in - Hedge End. and often still makes me repeat it, she asks "mummy, what did Kakehole say?"

Kakehole and Popol.

in the interval - one of the acts did the childrens' facepainting and others sold Raffle tickets. the prize was a massive teddy. only thing I didn't think was fair - that there was hundreds of kids, many parents and carers brought many tickets each - and only there was only to be one winner. another part that made Lacey-Niia laugh, was when a giant mascot Monkey came out with a water banana gun type thing - went into the crowd and got pretty much everyone soaked, including us! there was so much going on and not one minute was left unentertained. I would happily go again and again. 

Lacey-Niia always looks the the Circus tent when we drive past the ground that it was pitched on. and asks for it to come back again. we will definitely be going next year - maybe even twice!

if you've not yet been to Circus Wonderland then check out the link Here
to find out if there coming to your area - and where to buy the tickets.
I'd also love to hear your experiencesabout going to the Circus. 

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