Saturday, 9 April 2016

so Uber has launched (on the 8th April) here in Southampton. Obviously I downloaded the App and opted to try them instead of my normal Taxi firm. it was little strange ordering through an App rather than calling and speaking to a switchboard. but it was quick, easy and pretty simple to use. with launching at only 4pm, and we ordered for our lift not long after that so we expected our lift to take sometime to reach us, but it took not even 5 minutes for it to arrive, amazing! our driver was funny, we laughed about protectional customers who may get drunk and think they're going to do a 'runner' forgetting that they paid regardless.  he also explained how the company worked and how it benefited himself aswel as us as customers. we was given a rough estimate on the App when we ordered, for between 10-15 pounds. but we actually paid nothing, yep you read it right. nothing!
I'm pretty savvy when it comes to these kind of things and I found a Voucher code for £15 off your first journey with Uber! who's going to pass on that kind of deal?! once we left the Uber, it was strange just to get out rather than pay. but as the driver said, it's a much safer option for them as they wont be targeted from robbers as they don't carry cash. we was given a Goodie Bag as it was the first night, and we one of their first jobs in the City.inside the tote bag was
2x T-Shirts, 2x Propercorn and 2x Coconut Water. yumyum!

if I'm honest, we tried to order an Uber this morning (9th April) and it kept saying that they're busy and to try again later. we tried for a good 40minutes before going to a different company. but that won't stop me from using them again. the overall customer service, ease of use on the App and the convenience of not needing cash at all was bliss. I've heard that they're expanding further into the country and I hope everyone enjoys them as much as I now do. Team Uber! ha ha!

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