Thursday, 21 April 2016


having two children isn't a walk in the park, but it's not an absolute disaster. I think once you've had your first - your pro by your second. I don't go by the 'rules' of HV's or books. I go by my child, I feed on demand. my sons 3months old, he has a 5oz bottle every 3 hours, if he's still hungry after a bottle then I give him alittle more. I co-sleep, well he's in a Next To Me cot with the side down and I love it, I'm aware of it's dangers but they wouldn't sell the beds for newborns if they weren't allowed in them.
he sleeps much better in his actual bed rather than his Moses. we're looking for a decent white combed at the moment for when he's bigger. I found out after having my daughter nearly 4 years ago that listening to everyone else is fine, but you don't have to do it. my daughter was eating Natural Yogurt when she was 3 months! and our HV at the time said that it was fine for her to have smooth pureed foods if she could take it, and added that where she was from they gave their babies food from as young as 2months!! and thats from a professional. I love the whole baby thing, a new born' smell, little motions, noises etc I just love it. both my children are the spitting image of each other, they cry the same way with their bottom lip curling up, same nose shape, ears, eyes etc. I've always said I wanted 7 kids, from a young age it was just something I had in my mind set for the future. fair enough I did say, if I didn't have them all myself - that I wanted to adopted. I mean, my mum was adopted. and she was treated badly in the care system, so I always wanted to give love to those children who doesn't have anyone to show them love and a good life.

I love the age gap. I had a lot of one-on-one time with my daughter as she was my only child. and now having my son it just seems right, as Lacey-Niia's starting school in September I'll be able to have one-on-one time with Reggie-James. although, then together is the' cutest thing ever. each little whimper he makes, she's there rocking him, soothing him with 'shhhh' or singing a nursery rhyme. she also loves snuggle time with him. we've allowed her to hold him, of course we have hold of him too, but she believes it's just her and that she's a 'big girl' now she's got a baby brother. 

before I gave birth to Reggie-James, I didn't think I could ever love anyone the way I did Lacey-Niia. 
but the truth is, it's exactly the same. the love just carry on and expands and is so unconditional that nothing could ever possibly change that. Lacey-Nita's not in nappies anymore, so I've only got one in Nappies, only one who has a bottle, although she still has a bottle of milk at bedtime. do I get stressed? yes. when Reggie-James hasn't slept during the night, I finally get him off during the day only for Miss Niia to wake him by shouting, banging and stomping around. other than that - nope life with two is just the same as one. but lots more mess, love, and of course cuddles!!!

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