Saturday, 23 April 2016

5 Things I Do In Time Out

we all take forgranted life without social media and our electronic devices. gone are the days when you'd have a face-to-face conversation with someone, or family nights infront of the tv. it's now all about interacting over the internet and games consoles. I admit, I do love to scroll through Instagram and Facebook. but I'm not obsessed with it, I can go the whole day without looking at a screen and still be quite happy with the day I've had. when things do tend to get to me, stress me out, or when I've put the kids to bed and I've got time spare. here's what I like to do.

1. Make a playlist. simple yet majorly effective. I make a playlist on my iPad, and just take myself into the world of the songs I'm listening to. and have a little sing-along like I'm in LipSync Battle. (bare in mind, I'd be BOSS at that. HA!!)

2. Run a bath. who doesn't love a hot bubble bath? I mean, when it's cold outside, raining and extremely dull nothing beats a bath. my favourite bath bubbles is the Sanctuary Spa Bath Foam. pure bliss!!

3. Light some Candles. Candles are one of the most relaxing things for me. Yankee Candles are my favourite. or just anything that smells extremely strong in it's scent. I also like to put candles in the bathroom whilst I'm in my bubble bath. then I put them in my bedroom afterwards.

4. Turn my phone off. Ok so, it may sound hard to do. but in actual fact, switching my phone off. disconnecting from drama, and the horrible news of the world is what helps me most. I see it as, the timelines and newsfeeds will always be there later. I have two beautiful children, so disconnecting from my phone, and seeing whats infront of me rather than posting pictures of my kids and I doing activities. I spend time with them without all that photo-attacking every situation. so, it's usually movies, munch and snuggle time for me the Mr and the kids.

5. Read some magazines. Sometimes putting yourself into someone else's shoes in shape of gossip magazines is just what you need to realise your life isn't all that bad after all. I don't get to read much and okay a magazine isn't exactly a novel - but it's fun, current and makes me have alittle knowledge of the world.

I'd love to hear some of your ideas on what you do in your 'time out'. :)

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