Thursday, 24 March 2016

Whats In My Daughters Easter Basket

I love having an excuse to make something cute and girly for my daughter. so Easter is no exception. I love buying all little things and putting them together to make something special and unique for my girl. she's a fan of Shopkins this year, so it seemed only right that I make a Shopkins themed basket.

first off, we have a Shopkins Colouring Book, Bracelet set, Activity Book and of course, Easter Egg. we then picked up a My Little Pony squishy pops, she watches so many Youtube videos of the damn things, we decided her collection of them needed growing - this will be her 7th Squishy Pop harrahh!!! we also have a little set of Lindt Mini Chocolate Bunnies. a pink themed sweet cone (that I made myself and have done for other children in my family also). a Easter related hard back book, and then we have some other little sweets put into fillable egg pots, and also sweet and chocolate stuffed at the bottom of the basket all of which, is helping prop the stuff on show up. I'll tell you below where I got each thing from. this basket will be the end prize of the Easter Egg hunt we're doing for her on Sunday. we'll be baking cupcakes, scones and chocolate nests then we'll move onto the hunt. I think I'm more excited than she is. we also got her a Shopkins IceCream van set too. but she opened it early, as the "easter bunny" had said she'd been good enough to have it 2 weeks before Easter, HAHA! 

I know a lot of people spoil their kids at Easter time, and to be honest I used to be one of them, but this year we've reigned it in and just gone for a main present (her Shopkins IceCream Van), a basket, and an egg hunt. I mean - It's not Christmas or a Birthday. so we don't need to get loads of Presents! I just hope she saves room for her Roast dinner after all these sweets and chocolate.

Shopkins Egg - ASDA 
Shopkins Colouring Book - The Works
Shopkins Activity Pack - The Works
Shopkins Bracelet Kit - The Works
Easter Book - The Works
Sweet Cone - made by myself.
Lindt Bunnies - Tesco
My Little Pony Squishy Pop - Toy Entertainer
Kinder Chocolate Animals - Tesco
Fillable Pots - The Works
The Basket - TKMaxx

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