Wednesday, 24 February 2016

TABO Subjects: Caesarean's

Now I'm pretty sure we've all seen those disgusting posts that circulate Facebook and Tumblr. that basically consist of bashing mums who have given birth through c-section. I've had two caesarean's, and both were unplanned and pure emergency. it was either that, or lose my baby. so I put my baby before anything. the bashing posts state that we don't 'really' give birth to our children, and that we have it 'easy'. I'd like to put these ridiculous rumors to shame.

1. unplanned caesarean's mean that we do go through contractions, and we do dilate. but in my case on both pregnancies, the drip I had to bring on my contractions made my babies heart traces drop dramatically and the midwives weren't happy with what they was picking up on the machines.

2. I had no choice in both my pregnancies wether I wanted to have a caesarean.
sometimes you just don't have the choice.

3. we have visible scars that last forever. we all have those stretch marks that we don't always want (in my case I've been lucky and had no stretch marks at all) but us ladies who've underwent surgery to ensure safe arrivals of our babies will forever have a scar that will never fade. don't make us feel ashamed.

4. we still go through pain. I will never know what a vaginal birth is like, so I can only comment on my own births. and both we're incredibly painful. first time, I couldn't feel a thing during the operation. but the second time. my god, I felt every single thing. it's excruciating pain, and afterwards it's like your insides are going to fall out when you move or try to stand up and walk.

5. we get branded "lazy" and that we should be "ashamed". I'm ever so not sorry that my childs health and safety came before your childish remarks and immature behaviour. but my maturity is standing ground and feeling pretty damn good knowing that I am not lazy nor will I ever be ashamed of anything you wish to slate me with.

I want everyone, as who knows who may end up having a caesarean 
to know afew little tips and hints that I've learnt that's help me.
- always make sure you wash and dry your scar. (with unfragranced soap)
- always always always take iron tablets after any pregnancy.
- don't ignore the signs of infections which can be. fever, headaches, stomach pain, smelly wound area, your wound leaking. if any of these occur. please go to your Doctors.

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