Thursday, 4 February 2016

Dear Lacey-Niia

my dear sweet precious princess, you might never truly understand just how much strength you give me. waking upto you climbing into bed with me, to you going to sleep at night telling me you love me. girl, you're beyond my life. I may not be the perfect mummy, but I will forever try to do my best for you. I'm incredibly proud of every single milestone you've reached at only 3 years old,
and all the rules you've broken by going far beyond most 3 year olds standards and expectations. I can't believe your going to be 4 in a matter of months, your no longer that tiny 6lb 3oz baby I once held so close. I watch as you play make-believe games or with my iPad (and know how to use it like a pro!) and how you get so intrigued by things that you love. you inspire me, I cannot explain just how much my heart is yours. one day, when your older, you'll be able to read this and have just a tiny glimpse into how I adore you. I've captured every single step and milestone you crossed, and not only have I been the one to pick you up when you've fallen over, I've wiped your tears when you've been hurt. no matter how old you get, or how many times we'll disagree when your older, you'll forever be my baby.

the day I had you, all of a sudden I couldn't remember life before you, it was like I didn't exist until you. I've loved every day with you, even though you really are a pro at pressing all of mummy's buttons. I wouldn't have you any other way. I'm proud to say your mine. you have this amazing way of making me smile with a song, or by telling me you love me, or that we're "best friends forever". wherever your life may take you, I'll be rooting for you my baby.

when you go to bed each night, you ask for a 'princess story', of which it consists of you, a prince, a horse and a wedding. you'll never truly understand just how much I love making up these stories for you. and how the smile on your face when I start reading them makes my heart melt.

I love you forever my baby.
you and me forever and always

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