Sunday, 28 February 2016

Cosatto Giggle 2 Hipstar Review

I recently purchased the Giggle 2 in the style Hipstar. it cost me £470 and it was worth every single penny. I love Cosatto, they always have the quirkiest of styles and colours. this is the third Cosatto pram/stroller I've purchased. I've had the Limited Edition Bizzy Betty pushchair, and the Bow How stroller for my daughter. but seeing as she's not been in strollers for years, my obsession was reignited when I found out I was pregnant with my son. this pram offers so much, so heres just afew of the 'perks' in my opinion.
1. It's lightweight. perfect for getting on and off public transport, or in my case - Taxis'.
2. It's stylish. so almost everyone always turns their heads to have a gander.
3. Not many people have these wacky style prams. (where I live anyway.)
4. It's quick and easy to put up and down.
5. It's matching accessories are extremely gorgeous!
6. It's adjustable height bar is perfect for us, considering I'm tall and the Mr is short.
7. It easily transforms into a pushchair and is compatible with the matching car seat 0+.
8. It has an incredibly smooth front swivel wheel.
there are so many reasons I could tell you why I think you should invest in the brand Cosatto. but you would honesty have to get one to believe it. I have the matching Car Seat to this pram, aswel as the additional option of a 'pushchair' mode, that came in with the price tag that I paid. it can be either used as parent or world facing. I've used this pram for 6 weeks now, and I'm already tempted to purchase the Cosatto Hipstar Supa Pushchair, or the Fox Tale, or Tattoodle Yo Strollers. I love them all if I'm honest. I will be buying the Highchair too once my son is old enough to be in one.

the products on the actual website, aren't the only ones they sell. they have Exclusives for Very and afew other stores/online stores too. just put a search into Google and they'll come up. Happy Shopping!!

PS: don't forget to Register your Cosatto product on the website to ensure you qualify for your Warrantee with them.

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