Sunday, 26 April 2015

Moving Home

recently I moved home. I've gone from a 2 bed flat, to a 3 bed house. it's a pretty big house, with 2 gardens, a large loft, and an extension with a mini-conservatory. the owners of the house, were foster carers, and had the extensions done on the house to add more space. we've decided that we're using the extension as a Play Room, with an offic' area for myself and partner, toys, sofa-bed and books etc for the kids and their friends to go to instead of just having their rooms to chill out in. we also have a huge loft, like we could easily make it into a fourth bedroom, if it didn't mean you have to go in my room to get to it we totally would convert it into one! we have one bathroom, whereas we had 2 in the flat as we had an en-suite, but we have a downstairs toilet here too. the kitchen is large also, with a country modern twist. with a stylish arger cooker, pantry area and swivel cupboards. it's more than what I expected.

initially I didn't like the house, purely because it wasn't what I had wanted. I wanted a new build, simple yet modern touches to the house. but now I'm here, and my stuffs in. it feels right. not only has it been a stressful time moving in, but it's taken time to change over addresses on bills etc. it's hard work! we still have to go to the old flat to collect mail but hopefully we won't have to do that much longer. we've also moved away from Lacey-Niia's pre-school which means we have to leave earlier than normal, as her school is just a minute walk from our old flat.

I'm not going to complain though, as all the kids have their own space to go to, it's nice to be able to invite people over for dinner, and actually have a room to send the kids to when they're playing up, it's just. I dunno, homely? yep. thats the one.

I'll do a house tour when I get chance, as I've not fully finished yet, but heres afew snaps I've previously uploaded to Instagram. we still have wall papering to do and storage units to put up. oh, and the girls wardrobe. waiting on men to do these kind of things is not a easy thing to do with someone who's got OCD about clutter and mess like I do!