Sunday, 26 April 2015

EE TV Box Review

we didn't initially take out the EE TV box on a whim. it was part of a deal that came with our EE BrightBox 2 Broadband. and to be honest, it's just like Sky/Virgin. in terms of, you can pause, rewind, fast-forward, has on-demand, smart apps, catch up and so much more to offer. you can also watch one thing, and record 4 others at the same time. unlike Sky where you can record only 2, and you have to watch one of them whilst recording (which totally defies the object!) the reason we went for the EE Broadband as because we've been waiting for Sky to sort out our internet for around 4 months, and couldn't wait any longer due to having to buy so much data add-ons on our contract phones which just on my phone alone a month totalled up to £98!!

the EE customer service is pretty damn impressive. we had some problems at first, with being told we'd be connected on a certain date, we wasn't. but once we had called them, they got a BT Openreach worker out and within 2 hours, we were up and running. anyway, back to the tv box. it's quite a bulky box but nowhere near as big as the tyical Sky/Virgin or NowTv boxes. it's all quite neatly made and is perfectly placed under my tv in the bedroom.

so, your wondering what the EE TV box looks like. right? well, it comes in a brightly coloured Yellow box, with quick and easy set-up instructions, along with a remote, batteries and of course, the cables. I wouldn't now use any other provider now. I have this along with my SkyHD. and I also now have 2 of these EE boxes. one in my room, and one for my daughters room once it's completed and set-up. so, check out there website Here, for the best deals and to see what freebies you could get once you sign up with them.