Monday, 2 February 2015

Memory Lane

do you remember when you were a kid, you and your friends would obsess over the simplest of crazies? back when I was a kid (like 12 years ago!, ouch!) I would sit and play the GameBoy Colour for hours on end, collect Poke'mon cards, play with my mountains of Barbie' dolls or just chill listening to my portable CD Player. yup, didn't have the fancy iPod kids have now!

one of the weirdest toys but also, super addictive. I had so many, the soft fluffy ones, and the hard plastic ones. not so great when your older brother would swear and it'd take it in and repeat it in the most awkward of situations ever. can see why they brought it back, but it'll always just be a 90's toy!

Polly Pocket

came in so many different cases, with so many teeny bloody accessories that you'd lose then find months later, was super portable for when your out in the car with your parents and have had enough of your dads poor singing. major life saver. 

Mary-Kate & Ashley dolls
ok so, Barbie was also a huge favourite with me too, just like every other kid at the time. but Mary-Kate and Ashley were like, my favourite people at the time, idols infact. me and my cousin would play with all the doll sets I had of them for hours.

Dear Diary
I had this exact one and loved it. I used to play with it like it was a laptop/phone. to talk to my 'friends'.. oh yeahhh them days when it's just you. yep - I role-played, alone. didn't really use it for the actual purpose but it didn't bother me kept me occupied for hours.

Game Boy
I didn't have one myself, I would nick my brothers whilst he was at his mates. but I find myself to be bloomin' amazing at Poke'mon espcially! ha ha. it was one of them toys that everyone had one, and if you didn't, you weren't going to be accepted. well, that's what it was like where I lived. thankfully I always grew up with the latest toys etc.
the things all schools hated. my school actually banned them. so I'd leave mine at home with my mum to 'look after', she didn't always remember so I would have to reset it. my dad would usually get me a new Tamagotchi most weeks, different colours, patterns it was so exciting to hear a bleep knowing you have to sort it out. it was like having a puppy, but without the smelly poop to clean up!
oh and just for 90's sake, anyone have the Spice Girls trainers? I had 4 pairs! absolute embarrassment to think about now, but at the time. amazing. ha!

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