Saturday, 16 August 2014

Walkers Vote for Crisps

Walkers recently started another 'vote for flavour' competitions. this time there are 6 flavors to choose from! Hot Dog with Ketchup, Cheesy Beans on Toast, Pulled Pork in sticky bbq sauce, Chip Shop Chicken Curry, Sizzling Steak Fajita and Ranch Raccoon. basically, you taste all the flavours - then vote for which you like best. then that winner will be given £1million! wowzers!

I grabbed all 6 flavours, and decided to give you a little 'Bartlett Review'. I must say, I am pretty impressed with all these flavours, but for me, my winner is easy but for now, heres my thoughts.

Pulled Pork in Sticky BBQ Sauce: if I'm honest, it didnt taste much like Pulled Pork or BBQ Sauce. it tasted alittle like smokey bacon and beef crisps mixed together. 

Cheesy Beans on Toast: I could taste alittle of the bean flavouring.. but not majorly to the point it was distinct. sounds like a pretty good idea to make into a crisp, not a great reality!

Hot Dog with Ketchup: the hot dog was really tastable, I rather liked the strengthl and balancd between the hot dog and ketchup. although the ketchup wasnt that strong it was still very nice.

Chip Shop Chicken Curry: if I'm honest, it was my least favourite flavour. it tasted alittle basic. like it just had alittle seasoning added to the original Walkers Chicken flavour and that was it. I'd of preffered abit more originality.

Sizzling Steak Fajita: my second favourite flavour! I'm not sure why, but this flavour crisps really shouldnt work, but it really does. for me, it was full on flavour. and full on yumminess!

Ranch Raccoon: my favourite. pure and simply thee' tastiest crisps I've had in years. (bare in mind I've not eaten crisps at all for YEARS since this point!) they do remind me of Sour Cream & Chive Walkers, but Ranch Raccoon got my vote! 

have you tried these flavours too? who did you vote for? 
to vote, all you have to do is head over to and click on your favourite flavour, and press 'vote now' - you can even read up on the master behind the taste and what they'd do with the £1million if they won! 

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