Wednesday, 23 July 2014

Summer Sun

so here it is, the start of the 6 weeks Summer Holidays. the past 2 weeks has been scorchin' hot. as I'm typing this I'm sweltering in just a tank top and light tracky bottoms with the windows wide open and no duvet or cover. may sound alittle contradicting seeing as this is our 'Summer' but I'd like alittle bit of rain y'know? to clear the fact that there is no breeze with the heat. I've spent the past few days enjoying the sun down the park, it's nice as we had a lovely Picnic down by the River/Pond Picnic area, then ventured to the park where it was packed with other families enduring the same kind of fun. I have no clue how to fill up the kids summer holidays schedule. but I'm guessing trips to the Beach or somewhere with water will be top of the list. days in are fine, but once an argument breaks out, there just isn't any going back from that. and with having a toddler, I'd rather her days be full of adventures even if they're small simply because it'll tire her out for bed at night seeing as naps are a thing of the past. I'm tempted to buy a Picnic hamper and some cute little tumblers to take out on our beach trips, simply because who wants to be buying hot food in this heat? or taking warm sandwiches that'll flop, not me! our local Community Centre has loads of activities going on each day for all ages. obviously more so aimed at older kids and not toddlers. but that's fine, as PlayShack is just around the corner and is miles better for Lacey-Niia. I enjoy play centres, specially now that Miss Niia is old enough and clever enough to venture in them on her own, or with her big brother and sisters guidance. I like her independence, it's fascinating to see her climbing up the climbing frame alone, and moving herself on the swings. she's learnt so much in such little time, it's amazing. and in these next 6 weeks, with having the older two around her more, I'm guessing she'll be learning a lot more. aslong as it's not fighting and swearing, I'm happy. I'm also pretty sure there are some fairs on in the next couple of weeks, so I guess they'll want to go there. I like that with Lacey-Niia, she's pretty much happy aslong as she's able to be freely walking, or in a park playing and running about. it's the older two that are much more difficult to entertain. now I know how my mum must of felt with 5 kids that she had to entertain! I remember when I was younger when it was Summer my mum and dad would take me and my brother out on days out to the beach, country parks or simply just to a local park with a paddling pool in and we'd be pretty much set for hours with no fuss needed, except for snacks and juice at the ready, course. but gone are the days when you could let your kids hang out with their friends in the street near your house, skipping, playing games, kurby with the boys, dancing in the garage or front garden and just being innocent kids. now it's all about the xBox, mobile phones and doing 'cool' stuff, not including your parents. the new craze, Loom Bands are in my opinion great, I love that the eldest two love making them! but I'll talk about loom bands in another post. what are you doing this summer? or even with your kids in this heat. going on holiday? planned days out? drop me a comment below and let me know :)

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