Tuesday, 29 July 2014

NY Coffee Club REVIEW

NY Wholebean Barista Style Instant Coffee

this new coffee, comes from the Peter Andre range NYCC. based from his Coffee shop also named the same thing, NYCC. I'm not typically a fan of Instant coffee's, but this is by far the best I've tried. It tastes pretty much the same as you'd get in my favourite all time coffee house - Costa. though being a avid tea lover, it's hard to tempt me into having a coffee at home. but with this, I'd much rather sit and have a nice mug of coffee. this Instant coffee is only sold in Tesco stores, and each jar or packet sold from his range, donates 50p to The Peter Andre Foundation, which supports Cancer Research UK. so whilst we enjoy a hot cuppa coffee, we're also helping others too. pretty brilliant if you ask me.

Coffee, is one of them drinks that we all at somepoint reach for. from stressed students having to keep themselves awake to finish an essay, the hard worker who needs something to keep them feeling alive or even for that mother who's been up since god knows what time, doing so much it's quite impossible to list just a few. wether it's from a coffee shop, or from an instant style at home. it's a feel good pick me up whatever time of day. personally, the whole "coffee before bed is not good for you" I believe is just a fad. if your tired, no amount of coffee will stop you once your heads hit the pillow from sleeping.

I'm definitely going to be repurchasing this coffee, aswel as the other varieties they have of them too. I love the coffee and what they're doing by donating to help such a good charity. the packaging is nothing fancy, it's in a glass jar, with a swivel top lid. they also sell refill bags so you can reuse these jars! it sits nicely on my kitchen side. 

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