Tuesday, 22 July 2014

Lacey-Niia's 2nd Birthday!

Recently my daughter turnt 2, and by recently I mean 3 weeks ago on the 7th of July! (lackin' at this bloggin' malarkey atm!) it was quite emotional for so many reasons more so than some may think, it was strange to have it away from our family home and away from loved ones. but it turnt out to be pretty damn amazing, and she was happy so that's all that matters to me.
Happy Birthday Princess Bartlett.

her yummy Breakfast of Milk Chocolate and White Chocolate Pancakes with Strawberries &Cream.
she was majorly spoilt with presents, some including a Pink Cozy Coupe, Peppa Pig toys, Clothes, Vans and Adidas Trainers, Bags, Dolls, Prams, A Minnie Mouse Scooter, Art & Craft Goodies, Books, Hello Kitty toys, and so SO much more. she woke upto Pancakes, Strawberries and Cream and of course her fav, Toast! we took her to Astrabound which is in Doncaster. it was amazing, no lie. its much bigger than Gambados and PlayShack that she's used to down South! having spent hours capturing her day in the play centre eating lots of foods and sweets, we took a walk down to Wheatley Outlet and picked up supplies for her tea party that she was having at my sisters. stopped off for a Coffee whilst she was napping after her fun-run day at Astrabound!
I put her in the new Pink Lace dress she got for her Birthday from my eldest Brother and his partner, I paired it with frilly socks and sandels. she looked gorgeous, even if I do say so myself. she was greeted at my sisters with tons of presents, and LOTS of cards. balloons and banners all over the house and Minnie Mouse attire' laid out on the table. we chose her cake, it was a Princess Tiara cake with Cupcakes around. both were brought separately and I just decorated the cupcakes myself. she happily played til super late. which we didn't mind seeing as it was her Birthday and a one-off. 

I can't actually believe that my little 6lb 3oz baby is now 2! she's extremely bright and clever. she's advanced and to be honest, she's just amazing. she can be a little moo sometimes, but she's mine. and that in itself is something incredibly special to me. NOTE: I will be making a post of just photos from Lacey-Niia's birthday!

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