Thursday, 31 July 2014

Weighty Issues

staring at the scales is pretty daunting for anyone, but for someone who has weight issues is 10x more scary. lets face it, we're not all perfectly slim with a washboard flat tummy, thigh gap, flawless complexion, incredibly long hair and unrealistic size boobs. I'm human, I eat what I want - and regret it after. I faced years of my childhood being bullied for my size, I then spent years of my life changing myself to be what they thought was acceptable. now being 21 with a daughter of my own, I'd hate for her to go through the same kind of torment. it's hurtful and the phsycological pain of it all is too much for anyone to have to deal with. you hear so much about girls (and boys!) commiting suicide over weight issues. who's right is it to put someone else down on their size, looks, colour or anything else for that matter? I believe if you discriminate on someone else, you must be incredibly down and insecure about yourself. 

Personally, when my daughter goes to school, college etc I want her to look however she wishes, aslong as she's happy, healthy and isn't putting herself in situations I believe to be too much then as her mother, I shall support her. all I ever see is kids thinking they either need to be in next to nothing to get a man, to being size 0 to fit in and be 'accepted'. it doesnt help when you get magazines in easy reach of these kids, aswel as tv shows! kids tv used to be so accepting of all sized and shapes! Thats So Raven, Lizzie McGuire, Tracey Beaker. all 'normal' average teens. now it's all Hannah Montana, Austin & Ally and Jessie! like, which regular girl do you know that will end up being snobby rich kids 'nanny' when they're just a teen themselves! we all need someone, something to relate to. weight is such a big issue for so many people, men make women feel asthough we need to be either like Megan Fox or Kate Moss. To be honest, I'd rather look the way I want and be happy. who cares if you wanna eat pizza and have pudding too? - be you and nobody else. cause, afterall we gotta love ourselves before we can love others. 

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