Tuesday, 1 July 2014

Dear Lacey-Niia

Dear Lacey-Niia,
in just 6 short days you will be turning 2 and my god baby girl have you done a lot in them very short 2 years. you may never truly understand my love for you. or just how much it means to me. to wake up each morning and see your beautiful little face staring back at me, knowing I was apart of making you, makes me feel extremely lucky. 24th June was our given due date for you, but to no surprise you got too comfortable and stubborn and decided you were staying put til July 7th. going into that hospital, knowing I entered as a mum-2-be and I would be leaving as a mummy was exciting but scary. that moment we first see you, I couldn't believe that you were actually mine. that I grew you, inside me for 9months+! how amazing is that? that us women can create and grow such precious human beings inside our bodies? when I found out I was pregnant with you, I was scared and nervous. I didn't know what to expect. but I knew I had loved you from day-dot of my pregnancy with you.

watching you each day, change, do / say something new and generally seeing you turn into such a beautiful toddler. your clever, daring, charming, everyone compliments me on how amazingly bright and chirpy you are. you light up every room you enter. the time I spend with you I cherish dearly and try my best to capture as much as possible, as when your older I want to be able to show you what you was like as my mouthy yet adorable toddler. the first time you walked I cried, the first time you said mummy - I cried, I cry over everything you do and achieve. the past few months you've had to adjust to so many changes and you've done that as well as a nearly 2 year old could, I'm extremely proud of you baby. you now drink from a normal cup, tell me when you need the toilet/when you've been. say so many more words and sentences and you know what; I'm astonished at how clever you really are. from the smallest to the biggest things you do and say, it makes you, you. myself and your daddy are the luckiest parents to be able to say your our little girl.

I hope that before you turn 3 (I know, I know - lets get 2 out the way first!) you will be fully settled into nursery, making plenty of friends, causing more havoc and learning more and more exciting stuff about the smallest to biggest of things. heres to forever baby girl. you gorgeous amazing little woman. I love you so much it's indescribable. Always and Forever.

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