Thursday, 19 June 2014

Defining Love My Way

I've found that everything I had read and heard about love I now know to be true. love hurts, even kills sometimes. love can either define or destory some people. when you feel it; you fall in cold hard passionate love. when you lust for love, it can dwiver out and leave you empty. I myself was quite lucky as at the age of 18 I had found my 'One' for good or bad I took on 2 children, ex's and so much more that most young adults wouldnt want to be held down to. - my mantra on love is; love all or not at all. 

I would read books when I was younger about that quiet forgotten girl who met her handsome man and got her happy ever after, after drama's and obstacles. and then I'd listen to others that were around me on their problems and situations with their relationship. I learnt at an early age to 'put out' to just anyone wasnt something I ever wanted to do, and that my heart would only ever be for one. after having my daughter and realising what Unconditional love was I now understand just how important love is. love isnt sex and a cuddle. love is truly caring for someone, showing them, telling them, holding them, talking and making sure that person is happy and fullfilled in the relationship and most of all; trust. without any of that relationships are doomed from the start. 

I find it quite amazing how my grandparents were together for 51 years and their love for each other never changed or faded. they stood together on everything, may of disagreed on alot but never let that beat them. I would love that kind of love, that unbreakable defined love. I dont want to be wined and dined in resturants. I'm happy with a duvet, movie and munch at home. I'd rather be held and told I'm loved than have to want and wait for it. If someone loved you; wanted you; and wanted to make a change, would they do anything in order for that to be reality? my heart aches and I want a fresh start. I want to be happy, to walk down the street hand in hand and not wait for someone to give a snide remark on my happiness/relationship. I guess only time will tell on if I'll get my happy ever after. but Hey, Prince Charming. I'd love to be whisked away from saddness and live a happy life where only we can define ourselves. 

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