Monday, 16 June 2014

5 wishes I have for Lacey-Niia

1. I'd love her to do well in school and have a decent career. I so badly wanted to do well myself and failed dramatically. I'd love her to be whoever and what she wants and I'll support her all the way. wether she wants to be a Lawyer, Air Hostess, Mechanics are whatever it maybe, I'll stand by my baby girl. 

2. I want her to be with someone who truly loves her, cares for her and treats her like a princess in respect of his manners and how he speaks to her. but I also want her to respect men for who they are and not what they can provide or have. I'd hate for her to be with someone who is demening and disrespectful. I'd love her to be happy in herself and future relationships. 

3. I'd love her to be an open-minded, outspoken, friendly girl who doesnt judge people on their looks, sexuality, likes/dislikes etc. theres so many bullies around these days that I want her to be someone who can be a confidante to others. She's so loving at not even 2 and I hope it'll be something she keeps being like as it's good to be affectionate. I'll forever want her snuggles and kisses whatever age! 

4. I'd love her to explore the world. have a taste of other cultures and live alittle before she settles down. I had her young at 19, I wouldnt change it for the world but I missed out on being young and so many kids are having kids that I want her to be the one who makes a future for herself and future family without being dependent on a man. 

5. I wish so much that she'll forever remember just how much I love her. nomatter what comes my way, she's my focus. my priority. my whole life. It's hard to imagine life without her and even before her. who was I before a mummy? god knows. she needs me, I need her. the love I have for her is unbelievable. 

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