Saturday, 24 May 2014

L'Oreal Casting Creme Gloss

I've used the brand before, and found it to be quite good. so naturally I opted in for the campaign! I chose the shade 'Dark Chocolate'. I tend to go for Reds so I thought a change would be perfect. 

I'm devistated that I don't like the product now though, the consistancy was runny, and the odor was foul. the end result was ok, but I'm going to be re-dying it back to a Red which is more me. I hate to diss products, but this really isnt one of L'Oreals best thought out creations. I'm hoping as I've not long dyed it that it'll look better in the morning when it's styled and straightened. 

so part 2 will be up shortly. 

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