Tuesday, 27 May 2014

Current Playlist

Music can be the greatest stress-relief, mind occupying and also most of all it can make you reflect on all types of occasions and situations. heres my current 'Playlist' songs for all different reasons but also have a meaning to me.

1: Rita Ora - I Will Never Let You Down
2: JoJo - Disaster 
3: Emeli Sandé - My Mind Of Love
4: Ella Henderson - Ghost 
5: Ellie Goulding - How Long Will I Love You
6: Ellie Goulding - Burn
7: Nicole Scherzinger - Dont Hold Your Breath
8: Ariana Grande - Tattooed Heart
9: John Legend - All Of Me 
10: Westlife - If I Let You Go
11: Demi Lovato - Warrior
12: Demi Lovato - Nightinggale
13: NDubz - Morning Star
14: Justin Timberlake - Not A Bad Thing
15: Bruno Mars - When I Was Your Man

theres lots more but I thought 15 would do; each song's lyrics mean something to me. Morning Star cause when I lost my first baby it was playing constintly on Radio and TV, If I Let You Go cause it was sung to me all the time in the early stages of a relationship, Nightinggale cause it reminds me of my nan. all these songs are in a way an emotional tracklisting to how I'm feeling. I love music for the simple reason of you can relate to it. wether someone else
gets why or not. 

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