Monday, 7 April 2014

TGI Fridays, Shopping, Nicking Socks

today was a girls day along with Pete in tow. we headed to town and indulged in a morning Costa. Lattes, Cortados, Toast and Cakes. Yumm Yumm! Afterwards we mooched around for a good hour or two before buying anything. Afterwards Chyna eventually settled for a pair of hot pink trainers, flufffy slipper socks, lace socks, tank tops, jeans, denim shorts, tights and afew more bits, it rained so much that I had to nick a paid of her new fluffy socks as mine were fully drenched! Come lunch time we decided to have a delicious dinner at TGI Fridays.

Pete's favourite starter is the wedge salad (pictured above). It's lettuce wedge with chopped tomatoes, bacon drenched in blue cheese. It's delicious but I fancied a change, so I opted for the Tapas selection. Bacon and Cheese Taquito Bites. (Pictured below) 

I can honestly say it's the best starter I've ever had, out of all the places I've eaten at. It was truly de-lish-ous! For mains Chyna had a kids Monster Burger. And Lacey-Niia had the Little League Chicken Burger. They polished off their meals nicely. And Chyna even had room for their Sweet Shop Sundae! 

Pete's choice was the Memphis BBQ burger (picture aboved) it was massive and they sure didn't hold back on the fries! He couldn't quite finish it all, but he insisted it was nice. I on the other hand went for my all time fav' Chicken Finger BLT (below) 

And once again, I couldnt finish it all as if was way too much. Much bigger than I remember it being. But I love it so much that I demolished the chicken and salad from it and left most of the ciabatta bread. 

To finish our day we went into ASDA to grab afew bits and I also picked up some PJs for Miss Niia. Overall today was a success. It's always nice to spend time with just the girls. No arguements, no bitching. Just one-on-one time with them both.

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