Saturday, 5 April 2014

Terrible two's:

As a mum of a 20 month old daughter, I'm currently in the process of dealing with an attitude filled toddler who has tantrums daily. Of course, as all toddlers do she has her lovely moments when she wants to snuggle with her blanky and read a book, watch a program or nap. But my days are mostly spent dealing with her stroppiness. Everything is 'mine' or 'no' and the best one to get what she wants? 'Nanny'! Oh yes. She's using that card at 20months old! Mummy & daddy say no? Oh that's okay cause nanny will say yes! Ha ha

As much as i love my little WOMAN I'd very much like her to sleep at night. It seems like the demon of sleep has taken over her routine. She used to sleep through the night with no problems. 2 weeks ago, this all changed. now she wakes every 2-3 hours. She's a lazy little thing as she won't move to grab her dummy or duvet. She'll just scream and cry til we eventually do it for her. It's extremely frustrating as she goes to sleep between 7:00/7:30pm. Will change her nappy at around 10:00 and then she'll wake up at about 11:00 then every few hours. It's so draining! 

Ontop of the no sleeping toddler, she's gotten into hitting. Yup! She'll now slap, punch and kick you. Lay on the floor? She'll come up and kick or stamp on you. Ask for a kiss? She'll headbutt you. Or tell her no she'll start slapping and punching you. She's a right madam!

I shouldn't complain as every time I look at her it fills me with so much joy and emotion that I just can't explain. It's amazing that she was inside me, so tiny and fragile. Now she's this clever little woman who doesn't need us so much anymore. I'd love her to stay tiny forever. She's so innocent and just mine. Mine mine all bloomin' mine! Muah-ha-ha! :)

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