Sunday, 6 April 2014


I may not be into going off outdoors running around in the rain, but when it comes to indoor play, I love it! Playshack is one of those places where it has a dedicated toddler area aswel as a older kids area complete with little 50p & £1 rides. 

This is where you can get snack/light lunches, meals and Ice-creams and of course most importantly STARBUCKS.. Mmhmm! My favourite set foods is the ham salad sandwich with fries and a skinny cappucino. Mmmhhmmmm! I tend to get Lacey-Niia the light meal as you can pick what you want out of lots of choice, or the macaroni cheese. They do Annabel Karmel pouches and toddler meals. Yummy! 

Now, Lacey-Niia is of the age where she's conquered the baby & toddler area. back when we last went, Dylan hurt his foot and we all gathered to check on him. We turnt round and Missy was gone. We looked all over, panicking! Chyna eventually found her. Up at the top floor of the juniors play area. My heart dropped! No lie. I have no clue how she got herself up there, it's not the safest of frames for a toddler as there is a lot of big gaps to climb over and lots of little spaces to fall down. She now goes into the juniors area with her siblings as the toddler area is just not good enough in her eyes. The older two equally love the centre, it has a little football area complete with goal. So of course that's where the men go! 

They do some amazing parties! I've never been to one or hired a room there. But I've had a sneaky look into the rooms when there has been parties on. They are so magical, you can opt for an entertainer and you can also ask for private hire of the entire centre. How awesome would that be?!

I love going to playshack. It's so much fun for all of us. I love going in with the kids and having fun. As that is what life's about, right? So if your near or in Southampton or Hedge End go check these centres out! 

(DISCLAIMER: Photography was taken from the actual site. all rights go to PlayShack)

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