Wednesday, 9 April 2014

Letter To The Younger Me

Dear 14 year old self:
Listen up, don't let them haters and bullies put you down. Cause every time they call you fat, in just afew short years that body will be carrying and having your beautiful daughter. And when you look at those thin good looking girls and so wish to be like them, just know they have insecurities too, looks can be desieving. And when you decide to argue with your loved ones, just know they won't be around forever. Enjoy the time you have with them. Just because your parents are no longer 'together', and your siblings are unruly doesn't mean you should feel ashamed or labelled. You are your own person and should let people know that. Why spend so much time on social media? Cause Myspace and Bebo won't get you far in life with your confidence, sociability or life skills. You've been accepted for college 2 years before anyone else your age, take advantage and enjoy the fact you'll be a professional child care worker before the rest. Know that working your butt off in your bedroom on your Nike stepper and dancing will pay off over time, don't let others negativity get you down. Size is just a number and you'll soon find comfort and love in someone's arms. And know that your obsession with things being in place and clean will soon end up being OCD. Chill, seriously no one can die through alittle mess. And dont worry about people liking you, it's their loss. In afew years time they'll not care one little bit about you, or your family. 

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