Friday, 11 April 2014

Graze Box #2

Lacey-Niia's box was full of yummy goodies which were Very Berry Blast, Summer Berry Flapjack, Salsa Face & Crunch Bunch. Lacey-Niia's favourite was the flapjack. It came cut into three pieces, she ate every single bit. She didn't even share we got 'no no no. mine' tut tut. I tasted the Salsa Face and they in my opinion were dry and tasteless. Lacey-Niia didn't really enjoy them either as she put the pack in the bin by herself. The Crunch Bunch was tasty, we nibbled these whilst reading afew books, the corn chips were the best! The Berry Blast was also yummy. Missy ate it quite nicely, polished it off all by herself. 

Pete's box was filled with yumminess also. Tomato & Basil Pizza, Billionaires Shortbread, Fruit & Seed Flapjack, Cookies & Cream. My favourite part of this box was the pizza. It was extremely tasty, he gave me the pack as I loved it! The flapjack was alittle dry and flakey but I guess you could add it to Greek yogurt or something to flavour it up. The Cookies & Cream he gave to his eldest as he loves his Cookies! He politely gobbled them all up, and then asked for more. We were so surprised as he'd usually not want something healthy and opt for a packet of Oreos. 

Out of both boxes I think there's afew things I'll be putting in for again, but the rest are abit of a miss for me as I didn't really enjoy it like others might. 

What did you get in your boxes? I've also got some more free boxes codes and 2 more sets of gift cards! 

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