Friday, 11 April 2014

Easter Holidays Ideas

So if your like me and have afew kids to entertain this Easter holidays then I'm going to share afew things I'll be doing for my mad brood (even if it's a week late, sorry!)

2 weeks off is a long time for an Easter break, in my opinion kids now-a-days have their go-to game consoles, phones and everything else that doesn't involve going outdoors. I was one of those when I was around 12+ but I still ventured out and did things. Occasionally the odd lazy day eating whatever you want and doing what you please is all well and good. But everyday for 2 weeks? I don't think so. 

1. Cinema
Right now there's so many new movies to check out, Muppets: Most Wanted, Rio 2, Lego Movie and so many more AND If your on Orange and go to an Odeon cinema on a Wednesday you can get the 2-for-1 offer. We usually do this in the holidays as there's 2 adults and 2 children. That money we save goes on munch or dinner. 

2. Bowling
There's so many offers about right now in AMF alleys where you can get a free meal per person when you buy one game of bowling. And anyway, who doesn't love abit of competition on the lanes? 

3. Arts & Crafts
There are lots of Easter related craft packs out. I've brought the girls Decorate Your Own Easter Eggs, Chocolate Lollipops, Chocolate Eggs and also colouring pads. They don't cost much ranging from £1 - £5 depending on where you go. kids will sit for ages enjoying these.

4. Go To Local Activities
There are so many different local activities going on in every area, you can usually find leaflets in shops, bulletin boards or just good old word of mouth. On Sunday near me there is a local community centre of which they are doing a Easter egg hunt, craft and other Easter related activities. So we'll probably take all 3 kids to that.  

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