Sunday, 13 April 2014

Diary #1

I can't believe that I'm going to be a mummy to a 2 year old in just 3 short months. Lacey-Niia's turning into such a clever little girl with so much to look forward to. She'll be starting nursery, and making many more new friends. Her vocabulary has widened and can now say a lot more, a lot clearer. She'll say Butter and give you her toast or bread (meaning she's not quite got enough now as she's licked it off lol) and she'll say money, love you, see you, miss you, book, biscuit and more! It's amazing and extremely exciting for me, as she is my first baby so all this is new to me. I guess that in myself I can't say I'm doing so well. I keep finding myself separating from everyone else as I just feel awkwardly irrelevant. You know when your in a room, and others come in and you just feel 'awkward' because of personal reasons so you just leave to try stopping it. But the voices in my head just keeps going on... I dunno, maybe I need to vent to someone to feel better and a lot less paranoid? Hmm. Anyway, who knew that Royal Mail was such asses? I've been waiting 2weeks for my parcel and they still keeping saying 'it's here, we'll re deliver' then NOTHING. Nada! Fuming! I guess your wondering why am I posting a Diary post, right? Well I find myself sharing so much of myself but I realised in all fairness, people may know my family life, but not so much 'me'. I stress out, and have crappy days and I think those need to be documented too. Cause a lot of people reading this may feel the same. So not only can we stress and vent together, we can feel alittle less paranoid about being the only ones who don't wake up with a perfect photo ready face, or a pearl White House that's always clean and video sharing worthy or that our relationships and self-esteem is sometimes off. 

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