Wednesday, 12 March 2014

What Is and How To Become A BzzAgent

BzzAgent is a WOM (word of mouth) website, that companies use as a stepping stone to the general public for their honest opinions on there products. you complete surverys (and when you first sign up, there is plenty to get stuck into) and you then sit and wait for your invitation to a campaign. now, your not guranteed to get an invite to one straight away, for me it took around 2months which I guess isn't exactly a long time, but it can take alot longer.

my first campaign was for the Persil Small and Mighty Non-Bio washing liquid. I was quite impressed on how you get full sized products rather than just simple samples. you do get samples too though, but they are for you to give to your friends and/or family for them to give you their opinion so you can add that to your campaign checklist. which entitles you to more campaigns in the future. 

currently, I'm testing out the new John Frieda Frizz Ease hair care line thats just been launched. and yes, I did give my honest opinion. I believe honesty is the best policy n' all that malarky. haha...

so if you sign up to BzzAgent complete all the surverys, then wait and watch for your invites to campaigns roll on. also note: you do actually have to give feedback on the products you receive. otherwise your account will be deleted and you obviously won't receive any further products to test. it's part of your terms and conditions when joining up, it is expected of you.

anyway, if your interested click Here happy Bzzzzin' :)

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