Monday, 17 March 2014

Today's Buys:

wasn't expecting to go into town and buy things, at all... apart from food shopping of course, but when I saw these few bits I couldn't resist!

so, One Direction biscuits your thinking, right? well I have 2 children (21month old & 9yr old) who love them. they were only £1 so I couldn't say no. and they do taste yummy.. just saying. the 2 throws were purely for the sofa cushions (to stop so much dirt getting on them as the sofas are new) so it was a perfect excuse to buy these fluffy soft touch throws from Primark at £5 each. the pink tableware and cars sets are for a reason too I didn't just over buy dinner sets, promise! 1 is for Miss Niia as she liked them (even though she has so many already) the other 2 along with the Cars set are for my mum to take back to her home in Doncaster for my niece and nephews. they were a steal tbh, the pink sets were 57p YES 57 british pennies, can you believe it? bargain! the car set was 37p for each piece. which is yet again another BARGAIN. there from Tesco if your wondering where to pick up some.

the Happy Easter chocolate kits are for the girls, Chocolate Lollipops and Create your own Egg heads. yummy.. may just need to have a little try before the girls eat them, y'know just to make sure they are OK! ha ha.

the Minnie colouring book was from Dylan for Lacey-Niia, his school has a points system (he's in year 7 at a school for kids who have behavioral problems) so the other day he came home with a Lego Chima set, then came home today with this book for his little sister which he spent the last of his points on it. she was super chuffed when she had spotted it on the floor where he neatly laid it before she walked in the door, so cute.

Sticker book and Winnie-The-Pooh Play Time book and she also has a Mr Tumble activity book too (which I'll neatly place a snap of it here somewhere..) were brought as I got Dylan the new Football Card collectors book. also, she was so good today in town so I had to get her something! (Sticker book from Asda, Play Time book from The Works, and Mr Tumble Activity book is from Tesco).

I also picked Lacey-Niia up a little outfit, my point being it's one of her first summery outfits of the year! Neon Orange blouse with a white top underneath (came separately) and a pair of shorts with white hearts on. Extremely cute for the hot days and nights ahead! 
And of course, I spotted the cutest bulldog cushion, ever. So I had to get it! 

Hope you all enjoyed your Monday! :) 

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  1. I made those egg heads on Wednesday with my little cousin :)