Saturday, 15 March 2014

Saturday Life

Saturdays tend to be one of the busiest days of the week for me. there's 3 kids, lots of mess, tons of washing, lots of shouting & fighting between the oldest 2, and then a toddler who thinks she's 21 being all kinds of mischievous. All fun fun fun..

Today, Dylan went off to football and we took the girls into our local shopping centre. We met up with my mum in Costa, then once Dylan had been dropped off we picked up some new shoes for both girls then took them to McDonalds. Naughty haha! 

Once we had finished, we treated them to afew bits each then went to the park. They also had an icecream as I was well chuffed that the icecream van is already out... Yummy yummy! 

(Afew of the naughtiness we picked up today.) 
And since I've been home I've done the washing, the kids dinners, unstacked the dishwasher, cleaned and hoovered. I'm am fully knackered! Time to make myself a cuppa, make a sarnie for tea and then head into the bedroom in time for Saturday Night Takeaway. 

Also! How beautiful are these roses? Pete brought 3 different coloured rose bouquets. I was so surprised. I've separated them into two vases. One is sat on my kitchen window, and the other on my living room window. ❤️🌹

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