Monday, 31 March 2014

My poorly baby girl

This is the first time that my little woman has been this ill. She currently has a chest infection but it's drained everything out of her to the point she's not eating or drinking. She's not played with her toys all day, or even wanted to have a chocolate (she always wants chocolate!). We went to playgroup today after the doctors and she was sick everywhere, we left to sort her out and because we was asked too. 

I hate seeing my baby this poorly. She had alittle bit of dinner then threw it back up, she's kept down ice water and ice-cream. Walked around sainsbo's with her in a Trolly just eating her icecream, it was so adorable watching her just licking it. She's got a high temperature so the doctor wants to see her again in the morning. She's not left my side all day. All you can hear is 'mummy... mummy' and daddy when she can't find me. It's so stressful as I wish I could take the pain from her. 

She's on amoxicillin 3 times aday. Is it helping? hmm she's kept it down, and her templowered but high again and isnt due anymore now il the morning. So it'll be calpol and being sponged down every hour or so. 

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