Monday, 31 March 2014

Mothers Day

Mother's Day isn't about the gifts and the morning lay-in. Everyday I'm a mum, everyday I do the same things. Why should one day (that brands have come up with to make money) change that? Fair enough I woke upto, my beautiful little girl walking into my room with 2 bags of gifts and cards. Then my partners eldest came in with a cup of tea (in my new mummy mug!) and neatly placed biscuits around the plate. It was so adorable!

After cuddles and tons of cups of tea I got myself ready and of course my daughter. Done the 'normal' housework and then Pete toodled off to the shop came home armed with bags and said 'I'm making a grill up!' (I don't eat fried food). He literally cooked for the five-thousand! It was extremely yummy and I ate way too much! He he.. 

Pete suggested we go to my mums as a surprise as her gifts were here and Lacey-Niia was asking for her nanny. After spending afew hours at my mums we picked up a new Hoover and then came home. Football was naturally switched on (2 liverpool supporters here, it was bound to happen) I cooked tea, which was chicken and asparagas pie with butter & herb potatoes with peas and corn. It was delicious. Definitely making it again! 

All in all, I had a lovely day. But not because of the gifts but because of my little girls smile is what makes my day. 

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