Sunday, 9 March 2014

Lacey-Niia's Bedtime Routine

Lacey-Niia has been in her cot from day one. when I had her I was living at my mums so the cot was in our bedroom with us. so, we thought instead of getting a moses basket, that most people never use that we'd get her straight into her cot.

from birth til around 13months she would sleep right through the night. at 2months, our house was fire-bombed and so we lived in hotels, B&B's and anywhere til we got our own place again which was nearly 2months later. even then she slept right through the night. she'd be in a travel cot in the hotels.

since around 13months, she's been waking up during the night about 2/3 times. sometimes for a bottle, sometimes she's just extremely lazy and doesn't get her dummy that is right next to her so we have to give it to her, or she's had a bad nightmare and she's screaming calling us. she's usually pretty good at going to bed at night, we get the normal 'mummy.. daddy' for 10minutes or so but then after that she'll grab her kitty and go to sleep.

I have always read to her at night. her favourite book is 'Upsy Down Town' it's the go-to book for everything. if she's upset, grumpy etc I'll pick up the book and she'll sit on my lap and we'll read away together. she wakes up every morning at 7am. when her siblings are at their mums she stays asleep til around 8/8.30am. or sometimes, I'll grab her from her bed about 6am put her in with me, and then she'll sleep in til 9am. got to love them snuggles!

so my girls routine goes like this;
5pm - Dinner time and tidying up toys.
5.30pm - bath time (I bath her everyday!)
6pm - Cbeebies bedtime hour on my bed with a bowl of fruit, juice and a sticker book or something else that is relevantly small and quiet.
6.45/7pm - read afew books, then take her into bed with a bottle, dummy and her blanket.
7.15pm - soundo baby girl! :)



  1. We have always read to our girls too and 9am a nice time to get up in the morning :) #Shareitsunday x

  2. Great post, i really wish i had put Amelia in the cot from an early age as she would refuse to go in it. Thanks for linking up x