Monday, 24 March 2014

Graze & GoodyBox Boxes

So these scrummy boxes turnt up on my doorstep today. One for Lacey-Niia and the other for myself and Pete. Initially I had high hopes for these as I've seen some great reviews and I've also tasted afew boxes before. So my idea of ordering the Goodybox was simply for the fact that I want to open my daughters eyes and taste buds to a wider organic range of foods. 

I opened it up for her and she was unbelievably excited. She grabbed out a packet and gave it to her nanny (que the 'awws')! She got sent the snacks Ketchup Soilders, Say Cheese, Chocolate Orange and Sticky Chocolate Pudding. She's only eaten the Say Cheese packet and it's already an instant hit. I'll definitely be keeping the order of Goodyboxes coming for Miss Niia. 

The original Graze Box was as equally exciting as we spent ages selecting what we wanted to try, and then not knowing what you've got inside the box til you've opened it is exciting. (Yup were 30 and 21 and we get excited over snack boxes!). We got Apple & Blackcurrant Crumble, Morning Energizer, Mango Chutney and Marvellous Macaroon. Pete liked the crumble, but I did not. Morning Energizer was horrible too Pete agreed, but my mum rather enjoyed it. the Mango Chutney was yummy and went in my tummy - all of it, hehe. And the Marvellous Macaroon was nice, but I didn't like the coconut or chocolate buttons. More macaroons would have been nice. 

Over all I think we'll be keeping both of the boxes coming for awhile longer, I guess we have a lot more to try out! I'm looking forward to the next. Lacey-Niia has a fortnightly subscription and myself and Pete have a weekly subscription. 

We also got sent 2 £5 gift vouchers. Which I'm more than happy to giveaway. Simply email me using the address below, or contact me on my Instagram which I'll link you to below too. 

Instagram: perksofbeinglouise 

ALSO here's two friend codes: 
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