Sunday, 23 March 2014

Easter Chocolate Lollipops

Last night, after lots of screaming, shouting and arguing from the kids once they had calmed down and apologized we made these yummy Easter inspired chocolate lollipops.

They turnt out pretty well, they looked super shiny, and tasted yummy! Here's the end result...
we got these from tesco £2 a box. They include the chocolate inside them and the mould is reusable! I'd definitely recommend these, the decorate and make your own egg kit from the same range wasn't that good in my eyes. all the same the kids enjoyed it. we also made chocolate cornflake nests. With mini eggs, and rainbow drops. Yum yum! They've saved some for their nanny too!

I love little things like this, they make the kids and I extremely happy and it's alittle time to spend together to have fun and get creative. 

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