Tuesday, 4 March 2014

Does society value stay-at-home mums?

In my opinion, no society doesn't. Who else do you know other than a mother/or father (for those stay-at-home dads!) that can cook, clean, wash and find time to play and help your child learn and grow? Exactly.

I spend my days, changing dirty nappies, washing, cleaning, cooking and then going back through it all again in a big cycle. I'm 21, a mummy to a 19month old and step-mum to an 11 and 9 year old. I barely have the time to have a bath or go to the toilet alone! Although, I'm not complaining as having my daughter was the best thing ever. I just don't think people realise it's not easy. So all these young girls who think it's a quick and easy way out of things, it really isn't.

I go to toddler groups, teach my daughter so many things, such as numbers, the alphabet, words, animal, sounds you name it. I do it! I love every minute of it and if I was out all day, I wouldn't be able to bond and spend this precious time with her. It isn't going to last forever, on the other hand I don't sit on my ass and do nothing like lots of people think. I earn money my way. I do what I can for my daughter so that she has everything she needs, and more. 

My mum stayed at home with me, then when I was alittle older she went out to work. Which I think is best. Atleast one parent should be with there child everyday. Society needs to lighten up on families. Not everyone wants hand outs, most stay at home to bond and spend time with there child. Don't be so quick to judge someone. 

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